Xmas 2002

In Norway.

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Christmas Pictures


Christmas 2002 was celebrated far away from Malaysia.

We celebrated a cold and snowy Christmas in Botnhamn in Northern Norway.

Christmas decorations in the main street of Tromsø

The children having dinner together before Christmas

The Meyer family and Benjamin at the main square in Tromsø

Christmas decorated shops in Tromsø

Fredrik - the skier

Benjamin and Fredrik inside their snow cave

Fredrik in front of Tromsø Chatedral

Inger showing off her fur coat

Morten and Fredrik trying out a "spark" (a kicksled)

A Christmas Tree in Botnhamn

Fredrik on Christmas Eve

Fredrik and Grandmother

The Meyer Family

Fredrik and Inger

Thank you, daddy!



Christmas Dinner December 6, 2002

On December 6 we had a typical Swedish Christmas dinner together with some friends ...it is almost a tradition already!


Typical Swedish Christmas food

Family Meyer, Häggblom and Hedlund

Fredrik, Viktoria and Patricia

The children had a lot of fun

Santa Clause is coming to us

Viktoria gets a present while the others are waiting

Santa Clause was so nice this year

The Meyer family



Scandinavian Society of Malaysia's Christmas Party 2002

Here are some pictures from the annual Scandinavian Society of Malaysia's Christmas Party for children

held December 8th 2002 at the Mango Tree restaurant in Bangsar, just outside Kuala Lumpur.


Santa Lucia

Fredrik, Santa Clause and Patricia in the heat in Malaysia

In Malaysia Santa Clause use a motorcycle to get around

Patricia and Fredrik having fun in the jumping castle



Christmas party at Fredrik's school

December 9th 2002 at Mama Bear's grade 1 at Mont' Kiara School

The children building a gingerbread house

Santa Clause arrives

Fredrik gets a present

Grade 1 at Mont' Kiara School

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