Xmas 2004

At home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Tree

Fredrik and the Christmas Tree

Fredrik and some of his presents

Wow! A Sony PSP, and it is only for sale in Japan?

We got what we wished for



School Performance and Scandinavian Christmas Party

Fredrik the Christmas Cowboy

Christmas performance at school December 10

Fredrik in the crowd

Third grade cowboys

Skandinavian Christmas Party December 12



Norwegian School in Kuala Lumpur Christmas Party

MKIS Norwegian School Children

The pancake theater

Sanat Claus arrives with presents

Fredrik and his present

Santa and the Norwegian School Children at MKIS



On December 18 we had our annual Christmas party and dinner

...it is a yearly tradition by now!

Typical Swedish and Norwegian Christmas Food

The children are having dinner

Dinner party

Santa Claus arrives

Excitement among the children

Who is this present for?

Fredrik gets a present from Santa

The children are testing out their presents

Santa Claus and the children

Cheers! Merry Christmas!

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